13 Creatively Ways to Deal with Interior Columns

Columns are often unavoidable in open floor plans. So for inspiration we will give you some creative ideas to deal with your columns in your home. Here are some of the great suggestions that will make you fall in love with your columns.

Use a column to anchor an island

Consider using your column as a pivot point to which your built-in furniture, like your kitchen island, can gravitate. Notice how the floor remains consistent, but the column, in combination with the similarly sized beams, marks the kitchen space.

Use a row of columns to signal a level change
A row of columns is a perfect place to put one or two steps up to an elevated section of the floor plan. Plus, the row of vertical structures acts as a visual cue to watch your toes.

Light it up

Integrate downlighting, uplighting or a lit display box, like the one shown here, to showcase a sculpture or another piece of art.

Decorate your columns

Treat the column itself as a work of art and showcase an ornate pattern or carving.

Turn it into a media center

Not sure where to place your TV in your big, beautiful open floor plan? Why not turn your structural column into a media center? Even if you don’t place the TV there right away, it could be smart planning to allow for electrical outlets near the column.

Make two columns into a bookcase

Use two columns that are close together to create shelving and lighting for display or storage space. You could even clad them to match other built-in furniture in the room, and no one would even know they’re structural.

Make a mug rack
Encase the column and add your favorite mugs in it especially if the column is near to the dining room, and you have a perfect spot to store mugs. You could do something similar for shoes, CDs or anything else that could fit into cubbies

Create a spot for a coffee bar

Forget the mugs rack! Use the column as an opportunity to create a coffee bar for relaxation

Let your column tell a story
Consider using a reclaimed structural element as your feature column (after clearing it with your structural engineer, of course).

Make it a room divider

For a row of columns between two spaces with different functions, consider adding some low storage that can also act as a room divider.
Here’s another example of storage between columns that are acting as a room divider. The open, floating shelf system here has a very different feel from the previous example but achieves a similar result.
Create custom furniture
This bar stretches between two columns to nicely frame the kitchen while providing vertical and horizontal storage space.
Use a column to signal private space
This column almost acts more like a screen. The front side is a display case with built-in shelves, but the structure marks the separation between a more public and a more private part of the house.
Create seating around the column base
Or even stretch a bench between two columns for an extra spot where people can take shoes off.

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